For doctors, physicians, pediatricians and psychologists

The fastest and most convenient way to set your practice and help more patients.

Enjoy an additional income from the comfort of your home or practice

  • Access to thousands of patients nationwide
  • Flexibility of time and place to do your consultations

Immediate and guaranteed compensation

  • Save and direct payment to your bank account
  • Use the appointment system programmed to ensure flow of patients calls

No Overhead

  • Save start-up costs, medical equipment, and surgery rent.
  • Having a nurse or support staff to see the patient is no longer required
  • Maximize profit, making more consultations and from the comfort of a computer.
Happy Doctor Writing Notes On Clipboard In Hospital

Advanced technology & easy to implement

  • Teleconference patients visits are supported by tTMY technology platform.
  • Easy and quick to implement, instant downloading of the application on your computer or mobile phone.

Digitized Records

Access to digital data and records of patients in a click of a button.

  • Access to a database for historical medical information and consultation records of the patient
  • Digital records of the consultations done and quick payments.

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