TMY for employers and insurance providers

TMY offers the best solution to reduce health care costs and increase employee productivity and client satisfaction.


TMY associates with a variety of employers, health care providers, insurance companies, technology companies and other small and large businesses. Through these partnerships it’s able to provide the best medical care available to everyone.


Some of the benefits of being our partner

Best Medical care

  • Access to consult the best doctors in the country from anywhere in the world.
  • Rigorous selection process and training of doctors and therapists.
  • People publicly rate consultations to ensure quality control and continuous patient satisfaction.
  • Provides to all employees and customers with the best, most comfortable and innovative health care to increased satisfaction, commitment and loyalty to the company.
  • Wellness & follow up programs of Tu Medico ya helps live a healthier and better life

Reduce Costs of Employee & Client Care:

  • No hidden charges and clear pricing, Tu medico ya telemedicine model is designed to reduce costs for patients and clients.
  • Reduces employee absenteeism, conducting medical consultations from anytime, anywhere.
  • Long and costly visits to hospitals and emergency rooms are continuously reduced.
  • 80% of medical problems are solved in the first consultation, Tu Medico ya does it for you.
  • Detects health problems quickly and reduces future complications

Advanced technology & easy to implement

  • Access to advanced technology developed by outstanding engineers and leaders of the healthcare sector.
  • High security and privacy of data and medical records. Secured algorithms that are used also by banks and financial institutions.
  • Easy and quick to implement, instant downloading of the application on your computer or mobile phone.

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